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Tolketeknologi, tolksystemer, simultantolk

Our Interpreter Technology service, also known as interpreter equipment, holds its place from the smallest to the largest events. Our latest Bosch infrared digital interpreter system provides impeccable in-room reception in up to 32 languages. Outside the room, it’s completely unheard of. Request interpreter equipment here:

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Our technicians are constantly monitoring to make sure everything is working properly at the event. Interpreting technology and equipment with sound system kan kombineres.

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Simultaneous interpreting or interpreting equipment: Simultaneous interpreting equipment is the most important part of interpreting equipment. These are soundproof booths for at least two people. Our interpreter booths are gray and stand in conference rooms.

By default, it must be calculated with one interpreting booth per language. This means that, for example, in the Hungarian-English or similar line-up, only one interpreter booth is needed.

To accommodate an approx. An area of ​​2 × 2 meters is required. Other important parts of simultaneous interpretation equipment:

  • digital interpreting center,
  • interpreting desk,
  • portable receivers (for as many people as I want to follow the interpreted text),
  • infrared radiator.

The collective name of these units is: interpreting equipment. Assembling the cab, approx. it takes an hour and a half or two. For each additional cabin, this must be added to this, plus one hour.

What do I need for the interpreting equipment?

In order to be able to order interpreting equipment, you need to know a few things before asking for the price of the interpreting equipment. For example, how many people are waiting for the event, and how many of them require approx. interpretation.

It is also very important to be prepared in what form you want to solve the event. For example, it doesn’t matter if you are requesting consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. You can read more about this at samtidig fortolkning on our site. Do you want to know the price of simultaneous interpretation or the interpreter fee? In this case, fill in our simultaneous interpreter quotation form here: Request for quotation for simultaneous interpretation

Bosch our interpreting system


There are currently many interpreting tools on the market that can be used for simultaneous interpretation. Typically, there are equipment parks in Hungary that have been obsolete for 10 or even more years. The interpreting technology or equipment presented here uses the latest signal transmission system. It transmits using the infrared range using digital signal transmission.


In contrast to the older techniques, the interpreting technology we use, thanks to its signal transmission, ensures perfect quality audibility. It is not disturbed by different light sources, so there are no places in the room where the interpreting receiver would provide a noisy or barely audible signal.

These infrared interpreting equipment, from the very small to the very large rooms, ensure that your guests can travel freely while listening to simultaneous interpretation. 

In Hungary, we have already used these infrared devices in the Debrecen Arena to serve about 4000 people in eight languages. And we also used it in the Budapest Arena for 12 people in XNUMX languages. Therefore, with great experience, we can say that these are the best target devices for simultaneous interpretation. Our equipment is also accepted in the European Union, so we often work abroad with these devices.

For the operation of the interpreting equipment, it is essential to irradiate the interpreting sites. Because of this, we need to know how many square meters the audience will be sitting on. This also affects the price of the interpreting equipment.

The interpreter booth is part of the interpreter technology. This unit is used for the event in accordance with EU standards, both in size and sound insulation. In addition to adequate sound insulation, our interpreter booths are also equipped with adequate ventilation. It may be worth mentioning that this structure of interpreter equipment or interpreter equipment can be broken down into elements. This can also be important for you if you are organizing an event in a place where you need to take the technique upstairs or stairs, for example. Because we can disassemble these devices, we can build an insulated interpreting booth essentially anywhere.

Tolkebod med ISO -standardpapirer

The interpreting booth shown in the picture below is manufactured by El-Vision Kft. Click on the image on the right for more information.

Tolkebod, simultantolkning

Wireless interpreting technology (guide technology)

The tour guide or tourguide interpreting technique is one of our tools most commonly used for tour guides. The essence of the technique is that a group can be led through (in a museum, in a city) so that even those who fall behind the group can hear the guide.

Udlejning af udenlandske chauffør- og turledersystemer. Tolkeudstyr
Udlejning af udenlandske chauffør- og turledersystemer. Tolkeudstyr

The tourguide system charges on a central charging unit at night, so no matter how long the walk is, the units will always work well. Our technicians always help to lead groups and visit museums.

These systems can sometimes replace the interpreter system, but only if, for example, it needs to be translated into one language. It is important to note that the tour guide system is not an interpreter system, even if they are advertised in this way on some sites! Guide and tour guide systems are fundamentally different from an interpreter. 

I could compare this system to when an interpreter speaks into a microphone and his students listen only to him. Of course, it’s the perfect solution when we’re on a factory visit, for example, or in a place like a Museum where we go in to look and listen to the story of something.

As tour guide systems are sometimes used for interpreting as well, many confuse them with interpreting equipment.

Interpreting equipment, interpreting technology

Interpreter equipment is a technique that allows us to instantly hear the reverse language in multiple directions. A huge difference from tour guide systems is that, for example, a channel is used by two interpreters.

On our Simultaneous Interpretation page, we talk about why it is important for simultaneous interpreters to change every 20 minutes. This, in turn, includes the need to provide interpreter equipment or techniques that can work with two simultaneous interpreters at the same time.

Only interpreter equipment or interpreter technology provides a solution for this. If you are thinking of organizing a professional conference, do not require a tour guide system.

How many languages ​​is the interpreting equipment suitable for?

An interpreter is currently available in up to 64 languages. The Bosch interpreting equipment sold by our company is also recognized in the EU. Due to its standardization, this interpreter equipment is requested for a large number of events according to the type description.

It is worth noting that although many languages ​​can be done at the same time, it also requires a lot of space

How much space does an interpreter booth and interpreter equipment need?

A standard cabin is 1.6mx 1.6m in size. Therefore, if you want to require interpreting equipment, you will need at least one 2m x 2m space. Its height is 2m, so this is usually not a problem.

When designing, make sure that the booths are positioned so that the simultaneous interpreters can see the projector properly.

The technique does not take up much space with about 0.5mx 0.5m of floor space required.

How does the interpreting equipment or interpreting technology work?

Simultaneous interpreting equipment is not an automatic interpreting equipment. Essentially, it looks like someone is talking into the microphone, its sound is being delivered to the interpreter’s ear. When the simultaneous interpreter hears the spoken information about the stage, he immediately starts translating it into another language. He translates his translation into the interpreter’s switched-on microphone, which is collected and broadcast digitally by the Interpreter Center. 

The digital interpreting receiver converts the digital signal thus transmitted back into analog audio. This allows the listener to select how many channels they want to listen to. 

The operation of the interpreter equipment is always supervised and operated by a technician. The simultaneous interpreter and the interpreter technician work closely together on the success of the event. For example, when something is inaudible or invisible, the simultaneous interpreter signals to the technician who helps the simultaneous interpreter to do his job smoothly. 

Each interpreter booth has two interpreter desks to help the two main simultaneous interpreters work alternately. They usually alternate every 20 minutes. When this time has elapsed, the newly logged in interpreter turns on the interpreter’s desk, which enters a waiting position. And when the other interpreter leaves the channel, the next interpreter counter will arm and the simultaneous interpreter will be switched.